The Day Has Twenty Four Hours


It sounds utterly obvious. Of course the day has twenty-four hours. But what do you do with those hours?

“Success is measured by the sum of small efforts day in, day out”, as my friend Joe Parish always says.

My sudden realisation of this time fact has come about due to a couple of things, mainly from words I have heard from my heroes in the fitness industry (I should point out: this will not be a solely fitness related post before I turn you off).

I have recently finished Arnold Schwazenegger’s autobiography. Firstly, it was awesome. An incredible book detailing the story of how the Austrian farm boy with the harsh father went on to become the world’s most renowned bodybuilder, an action hero, and the man who managed to turn the state of California from one of blackouts, to one promoting environmental change, and leading the way in the modernisation of the United States.

Secondly, however, the book immediately fascinated me for one particular reason. If you look through the photograph sections of the book, you realise just how incredible a life this man has had. The first section is all of himself posing on Muscle Rock, pressing 185 pounds above his head, and doing homework at the Santa Monica City College library. The next includes photos from film sets, and sledging with George Bush Sr. After that we have his family life with his wife Maria Shriver and their children. Finally, photos of himself rubbing shoulders with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and taking his oath as governor.

This struck me for an obvious reason: what a career! What a life! How did he do it?

For me, he summarises it in his rules at the back of the book, one of which being: “the day has twenty-four hours”.

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We are always complaining that we do not have time, that we’re too busy. But what if we all appreciated that we have twenty-four hours in a day? We could achieve so much!

Success is measured by the sum of small efforts day in, day out”

Let’s say you have a nine to five job. OK, that’s eight hours. Now let’s add a gym session, which might take us to ten hours. There are still fourteen hours left of the day! “What about sleep?” Well, if we go by the recommended seven hours of sleep – half of which goes on into the next day – that is still at least nine or ten hours.

Arnold emigrated to America, trained five hours a day, went to college and acting classes, worked in real estate and construction, and look where it led him! He is known worldwide, has an institute named after him at the University of Southern California!

This is not a blog dedicated to putting you down and saying how ashamed we should all be of ourselves. It is to help us realise our potential. I have been been caught saying I haven’t got time for things, when I actually do! I could learn French like I’ve always wanted; join the UOTC and an acting club; write a book, and still have time to write blogs, eat food, and go to the gym. I just need to apply myself.

Christian Guzman says the same thing in relation to health and fitness: “if you say you don’t have time for the gym, or to do cardio, or eat right; get up earlier and get to bed later!” (paraphrased from memory). He is totally right! It is only now that I realise that I could be making so much more of myself.

Don't find time; make time!

Don’t find time; make time!

What sometimes worries me is that people ask me how I write blogs, go to the gym, work, and whatever the hell else they think I do. I do hardly as much as I could.

From now, I have promised myself to make goals and achieve them. It is hard (perhaps only for me) to get started with these things, but I want to get out there, speak to more people, make more connections, and get involved more with friends and activities.

We all have the ability to do amazing things and be the best version of ourselves we could possibly be. All we have to do is appreciate the time we have, make a few personal sacrifices for those around us, and get stuck in to life.

Don’t find time; make time!


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