Plan of Fiction


Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister, will reveal the unionists’ “plan of action” to deliver more powers to the Scottish parliament. 

George Osborne announced yesterday on the  Andrew Marr Show that the Better Together campaign would announce a timetable of when Scotland could see more powers being delivered to it in the event of a “no” vote next week.

However, before the plans are even announced, there is already much criticism on the social networking site Twitter about the plans.

Word is that there will be a “Home Rule Bill” delivered on St. Andrews day, and that the timetable is exactly that: a timetable. No new powers, just when we can see them delivered.

But if there have been no powers agreed, then how can we say this timetable will be adhered to? Although the timetable reportedly mentions the equivalent of a White Paper to be revealed after the 18th September, we are no closer to knowing what those powers might be before we actually vote for them. Better Together are holding us to ransom: “We won’t tell you just yet what we are offering, but vote ‘no’ and we will!” And people say independence brings uncertainty? 

From anyone looking in from the outside, it is unsurprising that the First Minister called the pro-union camp’s plans as a “panicky” reaction to the most recent poll. One would have to agree with him. How is it that in just over 24 hours since George Osborne made the announcement that we now have an ex-PM revealing them?

The contents of the timetable are hardly going to be in-depth. Why the No camp have waited right up until the week before the vote to give Scotland a concrete reason to vote against independence is clear: they did not think they would need to.

There has been talk after talk of “new powers” being given to the Scottish parliament, but no concrete plan as to what those powers would be. Indeed, even after tonight, I doubt we will see those, which makes it likely that the No campaign really did think they had it in the bag.

Now, as the polls narrow, the sweat on their brow is starting to show. The BBC has splashed across its website home page that the pound has slumped by 1.3% against the US dollar.

The pound has been falling since 9th July this year, and on that day, the pro-union camps reported a surge in their donations. 

One would have to admit that the rate is falling, perhaps in anticipation of the referendum. However, the fact that the BBC is reporting it in such a fashion is verging on breaking its commitment to impartiality. The two should not be linked. This will only instil fear into those unsure of how to vote.

It is like the last minutes of a tight rugby match. The unionists are starting to play dirty, and unfortunately for the Yes side, they cannot respond. If they do, they will be snapped up, and rigorously crucified.


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