UK Enjoys Abnormally Dry Start to September


Clackmannanshire has been enjoying an unusually dry first-half of September, according to the Met Office.

From the 1st to the 15th September, the Wee County enjoyed just 9mm rain, just 8% of the monthly average. Normally, we would expect 50% of the monthly average, which is 115.4mm.

This last mean is based on figures dating from 1981 to 2010.

Indeed, it is not only Clackmannanshire that has been enjoying the good weather, the UK as a whole saw one of its driest first-half of Septembers within the period since 1960.

However, England has seen drier conditions in both 1996 and 2007, with just 3.33mm and 3.41mm of rainfall recorded respectively. This trumps this year’s figure of 4.09mm.

These will be particularly good news for gardeners, too, as it will save the raking-up of sodden leaves as the fall commences. However, it does mean extra plant watering will have to be done, as September is a time for planting spring-flowering bulbs, and the summer flowers may still have some colour in them yet.

The forecast for the coming days looks set to continue this trend, as Autumn takes its hold. On into the weekend, temperatures will remain in the mid-teens, with some hazy cloud and light winds.


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