Clinton’s email controversy not quite in the trash bin


Hilary Clinton is coming under renewed pressured under her use of a private email address to conduct official business while she was US Secretary of State.

Clinton, who stepped down from the position of Secretary of State in 2013, has seen her favourability drop in the past two years, now sitting below 50 per-cent.

Unless you were keeping a close watch on the presidential election run-up, you would think Hilary had already announced her candidacy for the 2016 election. However, she has not yet, but is expected to by pundits to be doing so at the beginning of April.

Perhaps the earlier she does so the better, as this episode could be damaging to her running for the Democrat Party candidate – or will it?

It does seem problematic for the Democrats that they have put all their eggs in the one basket, with Clinton being the main candidate for over a year now. Yet, there are others toying with the idea of running for President.

There are three other Democrats who have voiced their interest in running. This compares with the 23 Republicans who have put their names down – even Donald Trump and Sarah Palin were said to be entertaining the idea some weeks ago.

The fact that the GOP are not close to selecting a candidate yet gives the Democrats a little breathing space, but the current “scandal” emerging around Clinton may be making them hot under the collar.

What is perhaps fortunate for the Democrats, though, is that there is little chance of this being noticed. It is unlikely that American voters will pay great attention to Clinton’s using of a personal email over her official one.

To those who stay up-to-date with the news, though, the revelation that Clinton did not keep half of the emails sent to her private account will be a much bigger deal than simply using the account.

This recent discovery is a far more damaging one, as her transparency does come into doubt. However, to the vast majority, I believe, this story will not get much traction.

Clinton has been popular for a long time, and her support within the Democrat voters still runs into the 80 points area. For some voters, the Democrats look a lot more organised than the Republicans; whose members seem to look in the mirror, see the future President, and announce their interest in running for office.

In the end, the only real impact it might have is reinforce her opponents’ views of her, and her supporters simply to rub their brows in exasperation. Mitt Romney had worse mess-ups during the 2012 election, and I doubt Hilary’s will be taken too seriously. However, it would be beneficial for the Democrats to have a few strong candidates, not just Hilary.


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