Scotland holds vigil for victims of Paris attacks

Scotland has stood in solidarity with the victims of the recent Paris attacks, which have reportedly taken the lives of at least 130 people.

Hundreds of people gathered at the steps of Buchanan Gallery to show their respect for the victims. The event was organised on Facebook, and took place at 4pm on Saturday.

The leaders of the three main Scottish political parties also gave their condolences to the French people, whilst First Minister Nicola Sturgeon chaired a Scottish Government resilience committee meeting to discuss Scotland’s response to the attacks.

Ms Sturgeon said: “…we are doing everything we can to provide support for those who may be affected by this senseless attack.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France following the horrific events last night. We stand ready to help in any way we can.

“Scotland is a diverse, multi-cultural society and this diversity is our strength. Terrorist attacks are intended to divide us and destroy the freedoms and way of life we value so highly. We must unite as a community here at home – and in solidarity with France – to make clear that they will not succeed.”

The Scottish Government is working closely with its UK counterpart to coordinate its efforts.

Scottish Labour leader Kecia Dugdale said: “In the face of this terror let us hold on to, and build on, our profound belief that we can make tomorrow better than today.”

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: “We will not be cowed by terrorists, nor willingly give up the freedoms we enjoy, that they would seek to crush.”

The French national flag is being flown at half-mast above both Glasgow City Chambers and the French consulate in Edinburgh.

View photos from the vigil in Glasgow.

In a statement, the lord provost of Glasgow Sadie Docherty and council leader Frank McAveety said: “France has always been a great friend to Scotland and Glasgow.

“The victims of this outrage were ordinary people simply enjoying their lives, and this could have happened in any city in the world. All of the people of Paris are in our thoughts and prayers.”

Scots can help the relief efforts in Paris best by donating to the Red Cross. Your donation will not go directly to the efforts in Paris, but will contribute to it. There are many ways Paris residents can assist, too. Visit this link for options.


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