Shame on those states refusing Syrian refugees

John Kasich sits speaking at a conference

John Kasich, Gov. of Ohio, is one of those refusing access to Syrian refugees.

Following the horrific attacks in Paris, 23 American states have said they will be refusing admission of Syrian refugees.

Those states refusing to admit refugees fleeing Syria, or who will be increasing their screening process for Syrian’s, include Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Indiana.

Of the 27 states, all but one have Republican governors. The number continues to rise.

The reason for the move is because of a Syrian passport discovered that belonged to one of the attackers. However, some US intelligence personnel believe the passport could be fake.

This is a shameful move by these states; they are judging thousands of innocent people cold-blooded murder by the acts of a tiny number of insurgents.

Eleven million people have been displaced by the conflict in Syria – half of them are children. The UN believes by the end of 2015, 4.3m are expected to be registered as refugees.

Of those that manage to make it out of Syria, many may be killed whilst travelling on foot across Turkey; unless they take the route to the Mediterranean, when they must travel through Israel, Egypt, and Libya.

Not exactly the best places to be right now.


Bobby Jindal, Gov. Louisiana

Yes, horrible people are taking advantage of fear and strife, but that does not legitimise American states to refuse settlement for all Syrian refugees.

How should we judge America by the actions of a few?  In 2015 alone, there have been 52 campus shootings in the USA. Since Sandy Hook in 2012, there have been 144 campus shootings.

Many would argue these have been some part of an Islamic movement sweeping through the USA. Yes, some shootings are believed to have been related to religious hatred. However, by no means all.

No country is perfect. Every country has demons. If the USA requested the help of the UK, would we refuse American citizens based on the figures above?

Furthermore, many are in agreement the USA has in fact contributed to the creation of ISIS – the very people the Syrian refugees are fleeing.

There are so many instances throughout history which we could turn to for more evidence of this, but I am going to leave the point here.

This is a shameful decision on the part of these states, and it is my hope the federal government does something in response to it.


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