Why Trump’s world can never exist

Donald Trump painting on bathroom wall

Trump’s potty mouth. Photo: Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

Donald Trump.

The minute someone says those two words I despair at what new thing he has come out and said. In fact, his rhetoric is become more and more like someone trying to destroy his own campaign – so why is he winning?

Conservative parties always play on people’s fears; it is in their nature. They are conservative, after all; they are the voice of those people resisting change, and seeking to reel in any radical shift in the world.

This is perhaps just to be accepted, but surely a party who preys on people’s fear cannot be a party of positivity.

Of course, some conservative parties – even the UK Conservative Party, although many wish to deny it – is a party that seeks some measure of progress and optimism.

But right now, Donald Trump’s version of conservatism is just downright fear-mongering, inciting division within the United States. Nations should not be built on division, hatred, and suspicion, but unity and hope.

This week, Trump revealed his latest ludicrous idea: banning all Muslims entering the USA.

Now, I hate exaggeration, but I could not help but be reminded of a man who placed the blame of why his country was suffering, and what the source of all their troubles were on the shoulders of a religious group.

That man died in a bunker in Berlin in 1945, and it is hoped we never have to see another man of his kind exist every again.

And yet Trump is doing a very good job of making America a land of hatred. Why is America suffering? Because there are too many immigrants and drugs coming from Mexico! Who should we be afraid of? Muslims, who are most likely hiding pipe bombs in their coats.

I am not the only one to call-out Trump on his near fascist tendencies. Indeed, there are quizzes on the subject: who said it, Trump or Hitler?

Perhaps Trump should begin looking at those shootings not committed by radical Islamists. In 2011, it is believed 17 people were killed by supposed terrorists.

How many were killed in gun homicides not related to terrorism? Over 11,000.

And this fear is only further enforced on the Republican rhetoric on gun control; or, rather, lack thereof.

The argument of the GOP Presidential candidates is ludicrous. To actually believe the solution to fighting homegrown terrorism is to arm the populace is nonsensical.

That is not a citizenry, it is an army.

In my head, the very concept of solving the problem of mass shootings is for people to have more guns, so some of them might be able to take arms against murderers just does not make sense.


But here is the rub: this already exists! How can a politician argue for something which is already in place? Trump saying those shot in San Bernardino “could’ve protected themselves if they had guns” does not make sense – they could have had guns, they just chose not to have them.

The only way we can interpret Trump’s idea is to understand he means there should be a mandatory ownership of guns in the USA.

How can this ever be justified? “Everyone must have guns, so those who do decide to commit murder could perhaps be shot by another person.”

Again, this is not a citizenry, it is an army.

This is all hypothetical; what would it be like in practice? The enormous majority of Americans are not trained marksmen. I know myself I would be very unlikely to actually fire a gun, let alone aim it and kill a mass murderer.

With only 12 days remaining in the USA, I have one request for Americans: please, do not vote for Donald Trump.

His ideology is one of hate, fear, division and rabble rousing. America will become an introverted and ethnocentric nation, whilst the world becomes increasingly globalised.

Sadly, America has traditionally been very nationalistic. I have found in the Republican supporters an “I am an American” tendency, instead of a global citizen idea.

Mexico is not the doorway to all things evil in the USA, as many appear to believe. When I ask about gun control, drug control, immigration, I am often meet with the response: “It will still come from Mexico.”

Imagine the west were the ones under attack from terrorists and wars as much as in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya…would we not want help? Would we not want to be treated fairly? Equally?

For a land of the free, of hope and progress, of such great character and global leadership, it risks falling into a ethnocentric country who cares only for itself.


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