Electoral Commission releases Media Handbook for EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission has revealed its Media Handbook for the EU referendum to be held in June.

The Handbook includes key dates of the referendum timeline, along with the restrictions on spending to be imposed on the respective campaigns.

Under the rules, campaigns can spend up to £7m across the referendum campaign period, starting 15 April, and finishing on 23 June.

Spending will be set by percentage vote, reducing to £5.5m for those with 20-30% share of the 2015 General Election vote; £4m for 10-20%; £3m for 5-10%; and £700,000 for under 5%.

These costs will include campaign broadcasts, letters and flyers, market research, and press conferences.

The ability to register as an official campaigner in the referendum has been open since 1 February. Voter registration will end on the 7 June.

For those wishing to cover the election, the Electoral Commission has a dedicated area on its website for journalists, which includes press releases, media contacts, and resources such as the Handbook.



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