It’s no surprise the Queen’s Speech is hardly revolutionary


Photo: BBC

The Queen has opened the new session of the UK Parliament, the 63rd time she has done so, and this time saw the announcement of 21 Bills for the new session.

The most discussed Bills are the shake up of English prisons, with new powers for governors.

It also saw a new Digital Economy Bill, outlining plans for people to have a legal right to fast broadband, and even more proposals to stamp out radicalisation.

Contrary to expectations, a radical British Bill of Rights was not fully proposed, rather there would be “consultations.”

Today was not a day for a rock-the-boat Queen’s Speech, but one designed to show the Government is pressing forward with its mantra of “balancing the books.”

It lacked any concrete sovereignty Bill, and another watering down in the form of the Government stepping back from forcing all schools to become Academies.

This is another red-face moment for the Conservative Government. It is another in a series of U-turns, which joins abandoning tax credit cuts, and failing to pass Sunday trading legislation.

The prison reforms have been criticised as “barely scratching the surface”, and it remains to be seen how “fast” the fast broadband speeds will be.

At this time, super-fast broadband will see speeds rise from an average of 12Mbps to up to 300Mbps. Quite a jump.

Furthermore, little was announced specifically for the devolved nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, except for further devolution plans in the Wales Bill.

The Speech today is not the big news, as it is possible many of the 21 proposed Bills will never see the light of day if the EU Referendum results in a Leave vote.

If there is one takeaway from today, it is that the Conservative Government are pressing ahead with Britain “living within its means”, and eyes remain fixed on the morning of the 24th June.


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