The world has gone mad. But had it already?

Donald Trump – a man lambasted with claims of rape, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and any other negative and parochial-denoting adjectives – has won the race for the White House to become the 45th president of the USA.

Until now (08:51) very few world leaders have come forward to congratulate the president-elect of the USA since Clinton conceded nearly an hour ago.

Marine Le Pen was quick to come forward, and now Vladimir Putin has given his congratulations.

It is like a horrific rollercoaster, 2016. The year started with the deaths of celebrities and cultural founding fathers and mothers, then Brexit happened. The morning of Brexit, standing in the Scottish count centre in Falkirk, it felt like the climax of all things insane.

All the while, the long shadow of the US Election loomed, but – you know – he wouldn’t win, would he? I mean, that is just crazy. Brexit? Sure, people might be right in thinking the EU was not great. Trump? No way.bec87853-0426-436d-9b69-db078f535f37

It goes to show just how horribly Clinton was received in order to lose to Trump. Like deciding between Darth Vader and Emperor Palpetine. This is a man who wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico – in the 21st century.

Clinton came to the fray with too much baggage, and with a name that would make the USA look more like a dynasty than a democracy. If she had won, it would have been 24 years of either a Bush or Clinton in office.

Clinton is not the only one who lost, this was a big middle finger to Barack Obama, who will now look on a country who stabbed him and his legacy in the back. If there was any way of securing his place in history, it was passing the torch on to the next Democrat.

Now, though, the future is unclear. Should America have taken a political monarchy over demogagoguery?

On the bright side, the Democrats have made slight gains in Congress. Furthermore, he has no way of pushing through his policies without the democratic process – an American democratic process, which Trump ran on the greatness of.

Without the solid backing of Congress, Trump’s policies look like an empty bag of sweets. Two things could result from this: (1) Congress forces back Trump’s policies, pursues its own agenda, and either (a) brings him down or (b) he pushes Congress aside and, essentially, becomes an elected dictator.

389e940d-12e9-4209-abec-bccc4d467bc0Obviously, this is the more fictional and dystopian side.

(2) It allows his more mediated policies through, due to some sympathisers but a large majority of “don’t want to screw up the world” fans. Indeed, from his victory speech – his rather conciliatory victory speech, with congratulations to Clinton and her family – he sounds less insane than he did.
That is what the markets seem to think. The FTSE 100, DAX, and so forth bounced back after a drop.

Markets. Markets, whose temperature the government are always taking before making policy decision, are the real barometer of the world.

So forget your “political and media elite” who we need to “drain the swamp” of. Remember, it is the business elite who really matter. And guess who that might be.

The world might seem to have gone mad, but it went mad a long time ago. “Antiestablishment politics” has been in the works for years. Right wing parties, anti-EU parties, the closing of borders and the fear of “the other” took the west long before Trump.

He is symptomatic, so we must cure the disease.


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